Millennial 360 exists to help members of the Millennial generation flourish in their formal education, careers, and key life transitions. We accomplish our mission through providing educational resources and coaching services for Millennials, their families, and their employers that assist them in finding their callings and maximizing their performance in higher education and in the workplace.

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To Freaked-Out Parents of College Students - This post is content from my recent campus fable-style book Your College Launch Story: Six Things Every Parent Must Do. You can purchase the entire book on Kindle here or a softcover copy here. Don’t Freak Out When Kyle and Katie met at the Davis Student Center for their lattes the following week, the mood tables […]
What’s Your Direction? - If a friend were to ask you the question “in what direction are you headed in life,” or “where do you see yourself in the next 5 years,” how would you respond? Occasionally, whether in a coaching session or just in casual conversation, I’ll ask this question. The responses are varied, but they typically group […]

Your College Launch Story:
Six Things Every Parent Must DoJohn D. Basie Ph.D.

Through fable, proven method, and contemplative questions, Your College Launch Story: Six Things Every Parent Must Do illustrates how students and their parents can script a healthy college launch that ultimately strengthens their family relationships.
Format: Kindle (or iOS/Android via Kindle app)Price: $3.49

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Millennial 360’s unique coaching model is based on the belief that every individual bears the image of God and has a purpose (Genesis 1:26-27). If you need clarity regarding your calling, we can help you begin making informed decisions about next steps in your education or career journey. Learn more
A lifetime of maximum effectiveness in our callings ultimately depends on the kind of character we possess. Mediocre performance in college or the workplace sometimes boils down to character issues rather than the absence of skills. Character coaching is at the heart of what Millennial 360 is about. Learn more
Top performers are the ones who camp out on their strengths and are intentionally leveraging their potential. Whether you need assistance in identifying your strengths or coaching in how to leverage them more effectively, we can help. Learn more