John is a true source of wisdom: God uses him to open eyes and coach in perplexity. It is primarily God’s work through John that set me on the path to Oxford University, and in my work now as a Professor of Philosophy. Because of John’s guidance, I’ve had the great privilege of working to gain a genuine hearing for Christian worldview in the academy.

John S. | Newport Beach, CA | 32

John has a gift for coaching.  I have benefited personally through the way he leverages powerful questions to generate my own answers instead of just being told what to do.  If you are looking for a coach who has a calming effect and who creates an environment conducive to unleashing ‘possibility thinking’ through question-asking rather than simply ‘telling,’ John is the right coach for you.

Nancy Lopez | Vice President for Human Resources | Xerox Corporation

Some Executive coaches leverage exceptional skills and some have keen relational competencies…. John Basie has both. His character and leadership also combine with his experience to position him for the highest levels of coaching executives. I have both personally trained and also teamed up with John to see him effectively coach and facilitate the learning of the most senior corporate managers, including a former USAF Colonel and a Two Star Admiral. John is a respected, sought after coach who can deliver hard questions, accurate feedback and results that last.

Dr. Jim Smith | Board Certified Coach | Leadership Systems, Inc.

Being in my mid-20’s, I am starting to wrestle through career decisions and discern where the intersection of passion, opportunity, and gifting is. Spending time working through the coaching process with Dr. Basie proved to be enlightening, encouraging, and specifically clarifying for the path I might pursue. I highly recommend his coaching for anyone asking career questions.

Zach F. | 25 | Montana

Millennial 360’s process clarified my natural traits and tendencies. It was very helpful to see the assessment results and to have them interpreted by an expert with objective insight, questions, and suggestions. I now understand my strengths and challenges more clearly and how they affect my work. The process affirmed some characteristics about me, namely how I’m designed for leadership. This gives me a boost of confidence in my current station as a professional and will help me be more proactive about asking for additional responsibility.

Katherine G. | 34 | Birmingham, AL